Appollo at 941 инструкция

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Several registers could be read onto the read bus simultaneously. Действующее вещество: клофентезин, в концентраци 500 г/л. Производитель: — Форма выпуска: Препарат Аполло выпускается в виде концентрата суспензии (КС) клофентезина, во флаконах, препарат ярко-розового цвета. Uprupt was generated each time a 16-bit word of uplink data was loaded into the AGC. The AGC responded to each interrupt by temporarily suspending the current program, executing a short interrupt service routine, and then resuming the interrupted program. The final three were denoted as extracode instructions because they were accessed by performing a special type of TC instruction (called EXTEND) immediately before the instruction. Как разводить аполло Чтобы развести небольшое количество препарата, используйте медицинский шприц — 0,4 мл на 1 л воды.

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