Hd 720 dvr инструкция

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Also instead of Camera 1, 2 etc If the app also referred to the name I changed it to on the DVR that would make it easier to pick the right camera when searching the events. Oversized product,we can only ship one per order Wholesale Inquiry Bulk Buy Discounts Order 3 or more and enjoy the savings. Наконец, GPS есть у многих видеорегистраторов, а Wi-Fi встречается нечасто. Впрочем, так или иначе, понять снятое на DVR HD 720 видео можно без особых усилий – и это главное. With all said, I am still recommending this system as long as the buyer is reminded that if is not a wireless system and cables must be ran to each camera. I am happy with it now that it is installed and working.

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