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Именно на эти замеры стоит обращать основное внимание. The sclerotia can germinate in damp soil and enter plants through wounds or through stomata on leaves touching the soil. The tubercles and hairs remain obvious on older larvae that are dark colored but are less visible on lighter ones. In addition to the larger hairs and tubercles, Heliothinae have tiny short spines covering large portions of the skin that can be seen with a 10X hand lens. However when demand for lettuce exceeds supply, the harvest timing may be slightly shifted toward an early or later harvest by as much as 7 days. Worn orifices or inadequate water pressure may result in excessively large water droplet sizes that may wash out seed planted in the immediate vicinity of the sprinkler head. Specifically, far-red light inhibits germination while red light (abundant sunlight) promotes germination.

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