Nx-8-bo-eur- (nx-8-bo) инструкция

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Each activation of a sensor is confirmed with a “ding dong” sound with a corresponding flashing zone-indicator. 4. Enter [Master code]. Herewith the walktest-mode is left. Prevents the custom message from being overwritten during keypad copy. 12 SELECT AN OPTION 1234 — — — — NX-8-EUR Installation manual Page 19 02/07/06 20. Remark : In the menu “Select an option” 8 additional options can be selected. This condition can be reported to the central station (see location 37 segment 3). A+B alarm reporting (Sweden) When this feature is enabled, a first trigger from a zone will send a BG report (unverified alarm or B-alarm) for that zone. Otherwise, follow the directions on the bottom line to select the desired option. The LED will go out. If the report is not aborted within the allotted time, the LED will go out when the report is sent. The first keypress will remove access to the partition. To re-establish access, press the partition number again.

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