Инструкция miele w 923

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Page 30 With the following guide, minor problems can be fixed without a service call. To turn off the fault indicator light: Turn off the washer with the «On/Off» button and turn the program selector to «End». The washer has no power. Советуем взять 20-25 флаконов, так как если у вас много мебели и много разных вещей, то может быть недостаточно. Page 16 24 ^ appears in the display. Часто встречаются гнезда за потолочными плинтусами, под подоконниками, в складках штор. Page 43 – Lift the machine from its shipping pallet and move it to the installation site. – Do not lift the washer by the drum door. – Ensure that the machine’s feet and the floor are dry to prevent slippage during the spin cycle.

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