Инструкция mgl400

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And the built-in Security+ 2.0 ® Technology virtually eliminates interference and offers extended range each time the remote control is used. The shooter aims with both eyes open and the post is superimposed onto the target, both being in focus. Let remote diagnostic tests help keep your car healthy. The rear of the cylinder (including the pistol grip) is unlatched and pivoted counter-clockwise to expose the chambers during reloading. By inserting the fingers into the empty chambers and rotating the aluminium cylinder it is then wound against its driving spring. Reassurance when the weather turns, rewarding when the road turns. Available active LED headlamps shine far ahead, and adapt to curves and traffic ahead. LED taillamps show off a «twin torch» design. GLE350 GLE350 with Exterior Sport Package If you have an eye for design, all eyes will be on you.

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