Инструкция на bmw x3

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Put down the magazine right now and go call a dealer. He has plenty.Whadja say? Add the optional adaptive dampers, and it’ll be as engaging to drive as M Sport cars. Should new cars ever cease to offer us the choice of selecting our own gears, there will always be some available on the used market. Our ears pricked up when BMW invited us to sample what is essentially a smaller, lighter, less expensive X5. Gosh, just saying that feels good. Worldwide, the X5’s success is encouraging BMW to sink its tires deeper into the SUV swamp, especially since Americans treat all station wagons as if they come standard with tuberculosis. We’re less at ease with this latest BMW, however. First it was the powerful Cayenne GTS, meant to appeal to enthusiasts with families, and then it was the base Cayenne with the V6, which you could get up until last year.

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