Инструкция по pci interface lcd debug card

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Power failure during flash writes can cause corruption of flash drive FAT tables (A: or B:). Therefore applications writing frequently should use DiskOnChip or Compact Flash card drives which are more tolerant of power failure during write cycles. The TS-5500 requires regulated 5VDC at 900 mA (typical). A quick release screw-down terminal block for the 5V power and power GND connections is provided for easy connection to an external power supply. The simple web server uses CGI calls to control a DIO pin from a web browser. The IDE adapter will allow you can boot to CF, run fdisk, format, etc. 17.3 Zmodem Downloads Using the Zmodem protocol to send files to and from the TS-5500 is simple and straightforward. The codes and problem are displayed on the LCD screen.

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