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Well, here I am today having spent the last day and a half building the monstrous thing. It arrived a few days ago in a giant fitted brown box, much like how the ISD ships. The reason I bring this up is because there is not only light grey, dark grey, and black elements, but a third grey color in this set. The four inner boxes weren’t numbered in any obvious way; they were embossed on the side with numbers. Price/Parts ratio: 10/10Parts Selection: 7/10Minifigs: n/aConstruction: 8/10Design: 4/10Swoosh Factor: -3/10Reviewer’s Tilt: 4/10 Okay, the Swoosh Factor is a negative number but to determine the final score, it’s been set to zero. Attaching the bottom quadrant was a little tricky at first, since I didn’t want to disturb any of the greeblies, but not impossible. Secondly, the greeblies don’t quite come out all the way to the edge of the circumference and because of this, doesn’t give me the feel of of a rounded dome.

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