Allvideos joomla 3 инструкция

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Ваши замечания и ошибки можно отправлять на Joomla! Make sure your user group is set to No Filtering.To embed a YouTube video on a Joomla! page, you first need to get the iframe embed code. This explains many problems that can come up from extensions that may have never upgraded to add compatibility to 3.x, plugins are the worst as even in the admin panel an error in those can make the admin panel unusable. Use the coupon «bookclub» to save 25% on any membership Update: this tutorial is out-of-date. Recommendation Any change or customization in the T3 Framework is not recommended. To customize your template, please use Purity III folder. При использовании адаптивного шаблона медиа плееры AllVideos будут полностью адаптированы под мобильные устройства.

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