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Commonly, microscope objectives with large numerical aperture are employed to get higher convergence angle, which determines the minimal fringe period illuminated on the sample. The required fringes can be generated by laser beams interference. Figure 4(a) shows a stack of images of the thick volume structure of the pollen grains with the 20×, NA = 0.6, long working distance objective. We sliced 303 layers of the volume and captured 909 raw images in 1024×768 pixels. After the recording process, each image triple was then processed according to Eq. (1) to obtain the sectioned images:MaterialsGold nano-particles with a diameter of 80 nm (Nanocs Inc., New York, USA) were immersed in a PMMA film. Decades of know-how Each density meter model employs the revolutionary oscillating U-tube principle from Anton Paar and embodies decades of experience. A continuing focus on developing new density meters has made Anton Paar the world leader in the field of density and concentration measurement.

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