Canon фотоаппарат a720 is инструкция для пользователя

However, as it lower the ISO value, the shutter speed must also be lowered to compensate and maintain the correct exposure. One more thing: There are tens of thousands of satisfied users all around the world enjoying the benefits of CHDK. See also GPL license information below. This process may be repeated for as many bracketing steps as you need, giving you finer control over the number of bracketed exposures you may require. Secondly, in the same way that your computer hardware runs an operating system, such as Windows, Mac OS, or Linux, your Canon camera also has an operating system in it.

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Note also: This change is not saved between camera power-downs. If you would always like to start out with a small negative preset EV value to avoid blown highlights, then use Canon’s own EV compensation setting for your startup EV value. Show values in video Enable [●] / Disable [ ]Displays the Miscellaneous values when the camera is in video mode. See Releases for major changes. (2012 07 20) CHDK-PT updated to version 2.03 to correct a potentially serious bug in the code produced. See Indicators (p. 4). See the Advanced Guide: Selecting an AF Frame (p. 44). See the Advanced Guide: Setting the Image Stabilizer Function (p. Page 12: Shooting Modes Shooting Modes Auto The camera automatically selects settings.

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Refresh Rate (~sec)Edit Due to the nature of video’s variable bit-rate and compression methods, subject dependent, the «Show Remaining Videotime» has to be updated regularly by re-polling the card-space and the bit-rate to calculate a fairly accurate time-remaining estimate. Script shoot delay (.1s)Edit After an image is captured, indicates how long to delay the execution of the next script command. A value of 0 executes immediately. A value of 10 executes the next script command one second after capture.

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Note that you can only save an overlay while it is frozen. Технологии, применяемые в дорогих фотокамерах, начинают постепенно внедряться и в аппараты подешевле.

Disable Bracket Values on Startup ​Enable [●] / Disable [ ] Enable this option to turn off bracketing when the camera is turned off. Details about using CHDK RAW can be found here : RAW Save RawEdit Enable [●] / Disable [ ]Enables the saving of CHDK RAW files.

LongExp – The override shutter speed is set in hours:minutes:seconds. Blink 3 – Solid coverage, blinks every two seconds. When using red-eye reduction, the self-timer lamp will blink and then stay lit for the last 2 seconds. To cancel the self-timer, follow step 1 and select 10 sec.

Bracketing is also used to create a series of exposures which will be combined using methods such as HDR processing. In order for bracketing to work, the camera must be in continuous mode, or the custom timer is set to take more than one shot. Поэтому ее можно использовать как своеобразный предохранитель от случайного включения и открывания объектива. For example, if the camera set ISO 100 at 1/8s, and AutoISO is configured to allow ISO50-400 with a 1/15s minimum shutter speed, then Custom Auto ISO will shift the ISO setting to ISO200 to maintain a 1/15s shutter speed. Your printer may contain a usable card reader.

Следует отметить, что AV–разъем имеет тип 3.5 мм. И, наконец, о панели, обращенной к фотографу. They are an approximation of the luminance curves.

Card readers are fairly inexpensive, and can simplify transferring of files, and thus files can be transferred via USB. See also: Raw Parameters, and DNG visible via USB. Where can CHDK software be downloaded? Открывается она с помощью небольшого замочка на крышке. Серия «A7xx»[править | править вики-текст] Серия 7xx — камеры уровня выше среднего, обладают объективами с шестикратным оптическим увеличением. Page 17 Shooting Close-ups (Macro) 1. Press the button.

And in the same way that the OS runs Photoshop™ or Zoombrowser on your computer, the OS in your camera is also able to run programs such as CHDK. Does CHDK permanently alter the camera? No. CHDK is simply software. This is primarily used to allow the camera to shoot at a lower shutter speed, useful in a bright light shooting situation where some motion blur may be desirable (fireworks) or where the scene is so bright that the camera must shoot outside of its normal range. When set to «Off», parameter values are «locked» and will not change.

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