Ubuntu clamav инструкция

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Note that programs like rkhunter, chkrootkit, and unhide are more Linux-specific programs.Is it easy to install? Run it manually post-installation to download your first set of malware signatures: freshclam The EPEL packages do not include an init file for freshclam, so the quick and easy way to set it up for regular checks is with a cron job. This way you make sure that it does not delete /bin/bash by accident. ## This should be a root cronjob. 30 01 * * * /usr/bin/freshclam —quiet; /usr/bin/clamscan —recursive —no-summary —infected / 2>/dev/null The 2>/dev/null options keeps the /proc and such access denied errors out of the report. You can then use clamdscan where you would previously have used clamscan. Enabling the Antivirus App for Files Simply go to your ownCloud Apps page to enable it.

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