Adobe configurator 2 инструкция пользователя

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You can change this behavior by setting LEAVE_PDFOWNERSHIP to YES. For more information abut setting the default PDF viewer, see Default PDF viewer. Licensing One-off Acrobat installations simply require entering the license key as you install the application. This chapter includes sections on privacy and security settings (mms.cfg) and the global FlashPlayerTrust directory. Every end user will have to be online to complete the serial number validation after successful silent activation ping. While numerous properties map to registry and plist settings, the 500+ documented registry/plist preferences provide more granular options. For example, during an administrative installation point deployment, the MSI file reads Abcpy.ini to get the needed information. If you have not used the Wizard, set this up manually as follows: Open Abcpy.ini in a text editor.

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