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For low- Article includes circuit for active filter net- est-frequency channel, C 3 is 150 /tF and C 4 is 50 work.— D. C. Read, Active Filter Crossover Net- /*F. For middle channel, C, and C 4 are 25 /tF. For works. See other chapters in book for RF amplifiers having specific applications. 0.25-400 MHz CASCADE— Three hybrid mod- ules in cascade provide gain of 43.5 dB with flat- c ness of ±1 dB over frequency range. Equalizer settings then give flat room response for all ten octaves. Store the script for example as image.php and link it like that:. Any number of switches can be ganged. — «Audio Handbook,» National Semiconductor, Santa Clara, CA, 1977, p2-62. CHAPTER 5 Audio Measuring Circuits Includes S-meters and VU meters, along with circuits for measuring AF distortion and flutter, peak program meter tester, and clipping-point indicator.

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