Инструкция к пионер den-4300ub

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About the file/format compatibility, refer to the iPod Copyright and trademark manuals. Page 31 Sección Utilización de esta unidad Nota CD/CD-R/CD-RW y dispositivos En determinadas zonas no es posible cambiar la de almacenamiento USB visualización. Page 4 Section Operating this unit ! Batteries (battery pack or batteries installed) Turning the unit off must not be exposed to excessive heat such 1 Press S (SRC/OFF) and hold until the unit turns as sunshine, fire or the like. off. The Power Amp The Pioneer DEH-4300UB power amp is an optional device that is sold separately. If you choose to use it, follow the following steps: Connect the blue/white power cables to the system control. Secure the mounting sleeve using a Philips screwdriver to bend the metal tabs into place. To install the DIN Rear-mount, determine the appropriate locations where the holes on the brackets match those on the side of the unit. Есть аппараты с многополосными эквалайзерами, а звучат они не очень, а есть и наоборот. 20. На фирменных аппаратах все кнопки должны нажиматься четко, само нажатие должно чувствоваться интуитивно.

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