Инструкция к mfj-931 на русском

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They are also inherently subject to deliberate interference. In 1939, techniques were found to spread a signal over a broad spectrum of frequencies. The SPARKY^J unit is flexible and folds up to fit inside the case. Converting the C-64 The only components we are going to work USER PORT CASSETTE PORT SER!AL VIDEO PORT PORT EXPANSION PORT VIDEO MODULATOR L5 CR4 RIO0 R37 m VRi ON/O^F» SW GAMf PORT GAME PORT Figure /, Old style board. Interestingly enough, most of the punctuaiion remains the same. The link controller’s COR input is at 2.2k ohm impedance. Higher Isn’t Always Better Let’s assume that the operator’s apartment or condo is several stories above the ground.

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