Widi lg 960 инструкция

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Converting from HDMI to VGA reduces the signal strength of the video output and can distort the images. Ещё одна полезная функция – SmartShare, позволит управлять просмотром файлов и организовать обмен контентом с внешними накопителями посредством телевизора. Display is not to scale, or some parts of the display are missing? If part of the screen on your device doesn’t appear on your second screen, the display might not be to scale. Design and construction As we said earlier, this notebook is heavier and bulkier than the G501, but it doesn’t stay too far behind when it comes to design and build quality. ASUS has used mainly polycarbonate with aluminum touches here and there. Having trouble with video or audio playback? If you have any of these issues with video or audio playback, here are some solutions to try. The color temperature is 5916K – close to the optimal one of 6500K (D65). There is no abnormal deviation on the surface.

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