Honda pal (af05e) инструкция

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The Elite SB50 has a max load of 180 lbs, but riders larger than this probably don’t fit comfortably anyways.DiscussionBuyers for the Elite E / ES scooter were few, making it quite a rare scooter in North America and even quite uncommon overseas under the Pal badge. The ’94 — ’98 axles were 15mm in diameter where they fit into the transmission, whereas 1999 and later models were 16 or 16.5mm. Honda also a restricted version (model code SB50P) called the ‘Elite E’ (30mph) which met moped licensing laws in most states. Motorland_katalog 2004-04-13 — Free Inappropriate Loading… For this magazine there is no download available Magazine: motorland_katalog 2004-04-13 — Free. Особенно заметна эта проблема в небольших населенных пунктах. The Elite ES was only sold in the USA for the 1988 model year, while the Elite E variant was sold from 1988-1990.MotorThe motor used in the SB50 is the same basic motor as the one used in Honda’s Spree scooter (NQ50), so you can use parts from that engine.

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