Инструкция jamo sub 800

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Most subwoofer manufacturers offer both types. I investigated the topic in-depth in this article. But unless you just really, really need a super-tiny subwoofer, the SubSeries 100 can’t touch the price/performance ratios of our top picks. Monoprice doesn’t offer free shipping. I checked to see what the shipping would be to Texas (Monoprice is based in California), and it was $34.80, so figure a total cost of about $145 plus or minus a few bucks, bringing its price more into line with our other picks. Click here to see an embedded chart that includes all the data points. Steve Guttenberg at CNET has praised similar Monoprice subs, but hasn’t specifically reviewed the 9723. In 186 reviews on Monoprice’s site, the 9723 averages 4.5 stars out of five. The only wrench in the works is that the subwoofer will sound different depending on where you place it.

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