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Page 41 Gluten Free (Program 5) Gluten Free Bread Recipes 1 Remove the bread pan from the bread machine and fit the kneader. 2 Pour the water into the bread pan and then add the rest of the ingredients in the order listed in each recipe. Page 63 TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE (continued) PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION PAN PROBLEMS 15. Kneader cannot • You must add water to bread pan and • Follow cleaning instructions after use. be removed. allow kneader to soak before it can You may need to twist kneader slightly be removed. Add the ingredients to the pan in the order shown in the recipes (see page 23 to 56). Ensure that all the ingredients are weighed accurately as incorrect measures will produce poor results. Oblong loafs not those weird round ones that some bread makers pop out.

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