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After checking the oil, replace the cap and tighten it completely before turning on the machine. Timing Is Everything Check the oil each time you use the snow thrower and after every five hours of operation, when the engine is still warm. If the snow thrower is brand new, check the oil before you ever start the machine, as some models are shipped without oil. Размещение объявления об аренде снегоуборщиков бензиновых бесплатное. В нем указывается модель, техническая характеристика, цена аренды, регион, город, новый или бу снегоуборщик, наименование организации сдающей технику в аренду. Higher service grades, such as SJ, SL or SM, are also acceptable. Remove the cap again, and look at the level indicator at the bottom of the dipstick. MTD recommends adding oil if the level falls below the center point between the high and low marks.

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