Инструкция на фотоаппарат canon elph 520 hs

The focusing range is approximately 3 – 50 cm (1.2 in. – 1.6 ft.) from the end of the lens at maximum wide angle (j). The edges of the image may darken if the flash fires. The last image you took will appear. appears on movies. Page 149 Correcting the Brightness (i-Contrast) The camera can detect areas in an image, such as faces or backgrounds, that are too dark and automatically adjust them to the optimum brightness.

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Page 21: Setting The Display Language Setting the Display Language You can change the language that displays on the screen. This will work best if you take many shots of various scenes. Both the screen size and the screen resolution is up to the standards of this class. ELPH 340 HS doesn’t have a viewfinder and no option for external viewfinder.

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Please also refer to the Printer User Guide. Still, with a 24mm-equivalent wide angle lens, the SX520 gives you an impressive reach of 1008mm-equivalent at the telephoto end of the optic.Canon has also included its ZoomPlus technology for this camera, which is its type of digital zoom.

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Canon SX520 HS features a Contrast Detection autofocusing system. Page 65 Shooting in Various Conditions Take nightscapes without using a tripod (Handheld NightScene) Lets you take beautiful snapshots of city nightscenes by combining several continuous shots to reduce camera shake and noise. For standard shooting conditions, including back lit shots. The battery compartment opens and closes with solid snaps.

Press the op buttons to choose World], then press the m button. Shot taken at ~5 feet (~1.5m) on a stable tripod. 100 200 400 800 1,600 3,200 ISO: Noise and Detail: Detail is good but a hair soft at ISO 100, with blurring increasing slightly from that point on.

Open the cover and insert the cable’s small plug firmly into the camera terminal in the direction shown. Press the qr buttons to choose an image, then press the m button. What if a flashing When you press the shutter button halfway in low light conditions where camera shake is likely, a flashing tripod to prevent it from moving.

For Canon Customer Support contacts, please see the customer support list supplied with your camera. Page 13: View, Getting Started This chapter explains preparations before shooting, how to shoot in A mode, and then how to view and erase the images you take. Page 177: Useful Information Useful Information This chapter introduces how to use the AC adapter kit and Eye-Fi card (both sold separately), troubleshooting tips, and contains lists of functions and items that appear on the screen.

Formatting (initializing) a memory card erases all data on the memory card. As you cannot retrieve the erased data, exercise adequate caution before formatting the memory card. Choose Y. Follow Steps 1 – 2 on p. 64 to choose Y. Press the n button for more than one second. Page 117: Editing Functions Using Various Playback and This chapter explains various ways to play back and edit images.

Choosing another Shooting mode or entering Playback mode will reopen the Eye-Fi connection, but movies made with Checking Connection Information You can check the Eye-Fi card’s access point SSID, or connection status. Page 131: Display Images Viewing Images on a High-Definition TV Using the separately sold HDMI Cable HTC-100, you can connect the camera to an HD TV to view images you have shot.

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