Инструкция к office 2010-toolkit-2-2-3

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We recommend that you follow the provided methods in this article in order. Note: The subfolder title will be a four-digit number that represent the language of the Microsoft Office suite. When it’s done, click Open folder, find the file (the name should start with O15CTRRemove) and double-click it to run the troubleshooter. If you just click Open, you might have problems running it. If you still have Office 2010 installed after running easy fix, move on to the next step. Type %appdata%\microsoft\document building blocks, and then click OK. Open the subfolder found in the Document Building Blocks folder. Otherwise, go to step 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you locate and then delete every sub-key that matches the name and the data that are described in step 3. Close Registry Editor Step 6: Restart the computer Restart the computer and reinstall Microsoft Office.

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