Инструкция gluco dr agm 2300

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Detection of bound E2 was performed as described above. Both h-CD81 and t-CD81 molecules were able to bind E2. Competition experiments showed that the two receptors cross-compete and that the t-CD81 binds with stronger affinity than the human molecule. Mexico City: Ediciones del Instituto Nacional de Neumología, 9–32. Villarreal A, Padua G, Lezama C, Galindo MA, Argüero R, 1994. Quiste hidatídico pulmonar con ruptura mixta. This paper is pioneering in the search of human echinococcosis in Mexico because it provides evidence of the presence of this tissue parasite at the community level. Statistical analysis was performed with SPSS 10.0 software (SPSS Inc., Chicago, IL). Most dogs present in the community were sampled once for feces using a rectal spoon; ≈1 g was introduced in small plastic flasks, kept at 4°C, and taken to the central laboratory. Both cell extracts and concentrated supernatants were kept at −80°C in the presence of 10% glycerol.

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