Cic инструкция магнитола бмв е 70

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Only 645Ci models had these Z9-inspired wheel designs as an option. All models are powered by a 5.0-litre V10 producing 500 hp and 383 lb-ft. Standard equipment did not vary much depending on model and trim. During a Top Gear new segment, Jeremy Clarkson stated that the BMW E63/E64 6 Series was a beautiful car, but «you would have to reverse out of your friends driveway» so that they couldn’t see the backside of the car. Последние устанавливаются производителем автомобиля прямо на заводе, соответственно, они, в отличие от PND, в той или иной степени интегрированы в систему управления самого авто. И именно в этом и состоит их главное преимущество. The GPS computer (located in the trunk) was only capable of reading map CDs. («NAV01») In October 2003, a menu and a customizable button was added to the controller.

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