Airwell k 18 lv rc+инструкция

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New regulation initiated by the European Parliament starting on 01/01/2013 to reduce the power consumption.Product under the scope: Air conditioner, single or Multi split with a nominal capacity below 12 KW and based on Air to Air concept. Also consider off-peak rates you may be able to get if the utility can remotely turn your unit off for short periods of time, rotating demand for electricity between the units in your neighborhood. If enough people do this it can delay the need for new power plants and lines. Unit based on water condensing method are out of this regulation. PERFORMANCE BTU Performance 6,000 EER 10.7 Dehumid. (Pts/Hr) 1.7 Dry Air Flow (CFM) 200 dBA Level (Indoor / Outdoor) 54 / 60 Est. But modern air conditioning units no longer use refrigerants containing CFC’s. Older, existing units still may contain R-22, but it is being phased out as these units are replaced, and R-22 refrigerant is tightly controlled. For instance, if this is your office and you want it cool on arrival, set the thermostat to begin cooling an hour or so before you arrive and to stop cooling a short while before you leave for the day.

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