Canon eos 700d 18-135 is stm инструкция

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The older 18-135mm was longer at 3.1″ (77.7mm) diameter by 4.8 » (123.0mm) long. Long exposure NR must be off to enable MSNR. The T4i reverts to Standard NR in Basic zone modes, during video recording, in Bulb mode and when the camera is powered off. Lateral Color Fringes performance top There are often strong lateral color fringes if you don’t have a lens profile and its correction enabled. Помимо него доступен режим ручной фокусировки, который поможет делать выдающиеся фото в нестандартных ситуациях. Round for the first couple of stops, heptagonal from there on. First, notice the texture change on the T5i body compared to the T4i. Then notice the mode dial change.

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