Инструкция пульта управления 2,4 ghz

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And used as a radio slave flash to the X1 series transmitters, the X1 can currently only provide a global zoom control for all radio slave groups at once. Without changing anything on the slave flashes he or she can control the flashes and take pictures with the Canon camera. The Godox TT600 basically provide an alternative to the very popular YongNuo YN560 III and YN560 IV series of remote manual flashes. The AD360ii and AD600 flash units interoperate with X1T-N, X1T-C, or X1T-S transmitter mounted on a respective Nikon, Canon or Sony camera’s hot shoe. The TT600 are single firing pin flashes, so they are compatible with most DSLR camera models when used as a manual flash mounted on the cameras hotshoe. Godox – X1T-C / X1T-N Godox – XT-16 Godox – TT685-C / TT685-N .

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