Инструкция tefal gv8930

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Все парогенераторы высокого давления от Tefal гарантируют оптимальный результат за рекордно короткое время. В парогенераторы быстрого нагрева можно доливать воду в процессе глажения. The GV8980 is also the first steam generator to feature an Aqua-boost Vaporizer. The palladium coating on the soleplate can clean itself by removing stuck-on fibres meaning no dirty marks on clothing. Please read the Policy Summary and Terms and Conditions located on the insurance product page before buying. Coupled with the Iron Safety Lock this means the GV8980 is easy to carry and to store after use. An Auto-off function provides added safety and peace of mind if the generator is left unattended. Precision Shaped Tip to reach areas like in pockets and around buttons With the Aqua Boost Vaporizer, this is the first steam station that features an “unlimited” powerful (3 bars pressure) electric mist spray.

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