Whirlpool akt 809 ne инструкция

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Disposal of household appliances — This product is built from recyclable or reusable materials. Disposal must be carried out in accordance with local regulations for waste disposal. Never leave the appliance unattended when cooking with fat and oil. — This appliance complies with current safety regulation and electromagnetic compatibility regulations. Radiant cooking zone Ø 180 Radiant cooking zone Ø 210 Radiant cooking zone Ø 145 Radiant cooking zone Ø 145 Display. All safety warnings are preceded by the danger symbol and the following terms: DANGER WARNING All safety warnings give specific details of the potential risk present and indicate how to reduce risk of injury, damage and electric shock resulting from improper use of the appliance. Выбирая варочные панели Whirlpool, Вы приобретаете безопасность, стиль и комфорт!

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