Инструкция к прицелу 3-9×40 range estimating

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The other three are found on telescopic sights that offer a variable magnification, an illuminated reticle and/or parallax compensation. A rather common problem with the elevation and windage adjustment controls is that once smooth working adjustment turrets ‘get stuck’ over the years. Protect its finish from dirt and damage with one of our scope covers. The round objective and ocular models can be rotated so they can open in any direction. The heaviest-recoiling firearms, such as Thompson Center Arms Contender pistols in heavy-recoiling calibers, will use three rings for maximum support of the scope. The main disadvantage of magnification is that the area to either side of the target is obscured by the tube of the sight. Click Customer Service, e-mail , or call (734)542-1500 to request warranty service and obtain Leapers Return Authorization Number(RA#) before returning the product.

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