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Чтобы добиться лучшего качества звука, встряхните камеру – это поможет удалить воду и частички пыли из отверстий микрофона. Provides large 960p Ultra Wide viewing area and smooth results for high you want to capture as much as possible action capture. Page 32: Transferring Files To A Computer TO TRANSFER FILES TO A COMPUTER: professional productions. Page 21 / Multi-Shot Mode / Multi-Shot Mode CAPTURING BURST PHOTOS Multi-Shot mode contains three capture modes: Burst, Time Lapse and Night Lapse. 1. Select Burst mode: a. Press the Power/Mode button [ ] repeatedly until you get Capture Mode Description to Multi-Shot mode. Setting Description To Capture Video with QuikCapture:… Page 30 Your camera’s date and time are automatically set when you connect NTSC (default) Viewing video in North America your camera to the GoPro App or GoPro software.

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