E-sky lama v4 инструкция

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Габариты и вес радиоуправляемого вертолета Esky big lama позволяют стабильно летать на улице. Weight Saving 3-in-1 Mixer/Gyro/Receiver Board Reliable high quality mixer with built-in gyro board. Turn on the transmitter and look again at the right side of the receiver. If all has gone well, after about six to ten seconds the LED that was flashing red and green will become solid green. Here the instructions in the manual were even worse, if that is possible. :-/ To «unbind» the receive and transmitter: Turn the transmitter off and unplug the helicopter batttery, but leave the battery inside the helicopter as if you were about to fly it. Также модель X1 будет интересна и опытным пилотам благодаря умению делать переворот на 360 градусов.

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