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That hesitation—it occurred not only at the test track but also during around-town squirts through traffic—easily adds several tenths to any acceleration run. In spite of the few remaining rough edges, wider availability of a stick shift in the Rio5 is great news. While the Kia Trail’ster concept was busy hogging all the attention at the automaker’s Chicago auto show press conference, the updated 2016 Kia Rio sedan and hatchback were waiting in the wings for a spotlight moment that never came. Такая информация будет весьма кстати как на станциях техобслуживания или просто в гараже, когда ремонтные процедуры уже необходимы, так и в случаях регулярного техосмотра, проводимого своими силами. The SX-with-manual combo was previously forbidden as of the 2012-model-year redesign.

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