Ревит инструкция видео

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Webcast de modelado de redes hidrosanitarias con Autodesk REVIT 2015
DESCARGUE AQUÍ LA PLANTILLA: http://goo.gl/PEBhTx En este Webcast Carlos Bolivar nos muestra el flujo de trabajo completo para el diseño de redes …

This can take up some of your time, especially when this mistake happens often during modelling. To avoid this issue, customize your double click shortcut key by clicking on the Revit icon on the top left and clicking on Options. Click OK and the objects that were left checked will be selected. Any views that cut through an object such as a wall would show the Cut Lines and Cut Patterns. Appreciate the limitations of each optionWatch the video7.04Crop RegionsLearn how to limit the extent of each View by the use of Crop Regions. Create both parallel and tapered Ramps & LandingWatch the video4.16ColumnsHow to create both Architectural and Structural Columns. This book is great! it is like having them for class they explain everything clearly and all the steps are numbered as well as the great use of… read more.

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